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First Impressions Count

Believe it or not, potential employers will scan your CV for between 30-45 seconds.

Is this really enough time for them to assess your suitability to their hiring need? We don't think so.

However, if your CV was presented more clearly and concisely, you might just avoid the bin and get an invite to interview.

Keep it Simple

There is no rule book when it comes to CV design! At CV2GO, we focus on quality content, superbly presented. 

Avoid the fancy photographs, forget the borders or clunky designs. A straight forward and simple approach will always shine through. The goal of your CV should be to land the interview. 

Ready, Aim....HIRED

Focusing on format, alignment, spacing and font selection will make a huge impact on your CV. 

Visibility + Readability = A Winning CV

Maybe think about tailoring your CV to a specific job or sector!

our customers know best



"I got in contact with Cv2Go on Friday evening and they had a whole new CV and cover letter made for me by Sunday evening.

 They listened to everything I wanted on it and put their own touch to it to make it stand out. Very pleased with the outcome and very nice to deal with, will definitely be recommending them to anyone I know who needs a new cv or one updated. Thanks again"


"I got a CV done a while back after not having much luck applying for jobs. Fairly soon after sending it to several employers I received about 6 interviews over the space of about 5 weeks. Was offered 2 jobs within the first 3 weeks but decided they didn't suit me. 

I can now gladly say I've accepted a job that's far more beneficial to myself and would like to thank Cv2Go for giving me that advantage over other candidates. Its a small fee if you take into consideration how much you could potentially earn with the right job!"

Laura María

"I had already hired Cv2Go's services at the beginning of 2016 when I thought I couldn't get my CV to look half-way decent. They did an amazing job and showed me how to exploit the skills and little experience that I had!

Now, fast forward 2 years, I have received his invaluable insight again and I can't wait to start sending my sharp CV to prospective employers.100% recommend Cv2Go!"


"I found Cv2Go's service very quick and professional. They are very fast at replying, very knowledgable in their area's and in my opinion they gave me a CV that has given me the opportunity to showcase my talents.

I can't thank them enough!!!

If your looking for a Professional CV these are the guys to talk to!"


"A fantastic service provided by Cv2Go. Always very professional, quick and very easy to communicate. They will keep in contact with you to know if you are happy with the CV or if you need any change. 

I am more than delighted with the service, my first job interview with the new CV was successful and I got the position. Highly recommend them, worth the money! Thank you for everything."


"Delivered on time like they told me two days ago. I came to Cv2Go to get a view on my CV and they gladly took it onboard and remastered it.

Let’s hope now that it works on the job front, fingers crossed.

 Thanks again"

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